We Care, Cure, and Make Whole by providing healthcare to the most impoverished and forgotten communities of Africa.
We are building a world where primary healthcare systems provide quick responses to deliver the right level of care at no cost to patients.

“We believe in the beauty of serving others without a hidden agenda.”

Jacques Sebisaho and Mimy Mudekereza, Co-Founders

Our Story

In 2010, Jacques Sebisaho and Mimy Mudekereza founded Amani in response to the Ban’Idjwi people, who expressed their desire for a community hospital, accessible healthcare, and better health for all in Idjwi island.

For the next 10 years, Amani stood as the only primary healthcare provider in the island, serving a population of over 300,000.

Today, we are scaling our model to the DRC mainland, offering community-based solutions to health problems and fatalities caused by preventable and curable diseases.

Media Features

“That’s the image I have of community health workers. They will revolutionize healthcare.”

"Institutionalized fairness and equity — that’s what we’re fighting for."

People who are most in need have opened their homes, and we're all in.