Our Programs

Towards a Fair and Flourishing DRC
All of Amani’s programs cultivate collaborative and holistic healthcare for all.

Supplementing our integrated primary healthcare model, Amani's programs are designed to prosper community-focused health development, champion women leaders, and nurture social transformation.

Community Health Worker (CHW) Recruitment and Training

Our CHW Recruitment and Training program aims to bridge the healthcare gap in remote communities with minimal or no access to healthcare. By recruiting and training community members to serve as CHWs, we can ensure that every family in hard-to-reach communities receives the care they need at home.
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Maternal Health

The DRC is one of the toughest countries to bear and raise children. Our Maternal and Child Health program primarily focuses on serving mothers at every stage of their pregnancy. 

Amani’s referral hospital includes a general surgery unit, an obstetric unit for Cesarean surgical deliveries, and a neonatal intensive care unit for babies who need postpartum support.


For every 1,000 children born in the DRC, 81 die before they reach the age of five because of severe malnutrition. Our Nutrition program offers nourishing, vitamin-fortified meals to improve these conditions:
Clinical Nutrition Program
Children with severe cases of malnutrition require emergency admission into the referral hospital. Doctors and nurses restore their health through rehydration treatments and protein supplements. 

Community Nutrition Program
Moderately malnourished children fully recover through this program, where fortified meals are served twice daily until all threat of malnutrition is gone.

School Nutrition Program
Malnutrition prevention is among Amani’s key solutions to health inequities in children. With school partnerships, we guarantee that all students can eat free and nutrient-rich lunches daily.

Amani Global Education

Amani founded an elementary school for girls so that, with education, they can advocate for their health when they grow up as adults. By helping them care for themselves and their families, students become agents of change through holistic healthcare in the future.


Through Amani’s agricultural program, farmers are learning more about growing nutritious foods, incorporating healthy eating habits at home, laying the foundation for sustainable community health and economic growth in the island.
People who are most in need have opened their homes, and we're all in.