Our Solution

Healthcare is the heart of development.

Like an engine that converts energy to motion, effective primary healthcare systems are vital to a nation's economic growth and prosperity. At the core of Amani's work is our replicable model composed of:

proactive and trained community health workers (CHWs) – mostly women – who deliver care right at home

community health clinics located in remote, last-mile areas

fully-equipped referral hospitals offering medical services with licensed professionals 

The Amani Model: Healthcare with Heart

We believe that our community-focused and women-led model is poised to achieve universal healthcare in the DRC and beyond.

With the expertise of trained CHWs and safe spaces provided by health clinics and referral hospitals, Amani's ecosystem of holistic, community-focused healthcare ensures comprehensive coverage, particularly in maternal and child care.

AGW partners with the Ministry of Health to create systemic change.
People who are most in need have opened their homes, and we're all in.