Community Health Workers

Amani CHWs bring good health closer to home for the communities they call their own.
From providing health education to screening for patients requiring higher levels of care, Amani CHWs improve community participation and increase trust in health services and medical professionals.

CHW Training

Amani CHWs are recruited and trained to facilitate easy access to quality health services.

CHW trainees must come from and live within the communities

CHWs speak the local language

CHWs are literate, able to read and write

CHWs are trusted members of the community

CHWs can be male or female
Amani offers a 21-day CHW training program that covers illnesses such as malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition and builds knowledge in services that increase health outcomes such vaccinations, disease prevention, and proper nutrition.

We work with local authorities to recruit community members who aim to improve healthcare delivery in their neighborhoods.
To become a CHW, two steps must be fulfilled:

CHW trainees need to pass the written assessment, interview, and background check

CHW trainees must participate and pass a final practical evaluation to ensure proper practice of their training

Through our CHW training, we aim to

raise the standards

for rural medicine and health services

ensure CHW availability

to mitigate medical challenges such as ebola and malaria outbreaks

identify conditions

that need medical attention and health facilities

educate community members

in health, nutrition, and well-being
People who are most in need have opened their homes, and we're all in.