Faida M'Malibwa

Instead of choosing medicine over food, Faida is able to prioritize both.
11 Jan 2022

Faida M’Malibwa’s story is not an uncommon one for mothers in Idjwi. Historically, the average life expectancy of citizens of the island (or Ban’Idjwi) was only 25 years old, with most deaths resulting from the lack of access to treatment for preventable tropical diseases. So when Faida’s child became ill with malaria, she was prepared to spend more than a day’s worth of food stipend to cover treatment costs. Instead, Amani’s Idjwi Island Hospital in Kotonda was able to give her child free medical treatment. “We brought the [child] home in good health, and we praise Amani Global for these acts.” With the help of Amani, Faida has one less thing to worry about—instead of choosing health over food, she is able to prioritize both. 

Aside from the other sick children and their parents, Faida also witnessed the Amani medical team treating all Ban'Idjwi, including the island’s underserved indigenous people. “I met many people there. All of us were treated—the pygmies, those who are not pygmies.”

Through free access to healthcare and medicine, Amani is able to treat the elderly, help women give healthy and safe births, and enable mothers like Faida raise stable families.

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