Indya Nabo Patrick

Indya works with Amani to provide his community with free healthcare.
11 Jan 2022

As the village chief of Bushusha, 49-year-old Indya Nabo Patrick remembers how his community was plagued for years with diseases such as fever, malaria, diarrhea, and cough. These otherwise easily-treatable diseases, coupled with the lack of basic healthcare, the community’s population suffered. As a parent himself and a village chief, Indya has since worked with Amani to continuously provide his people access to free healthcare and medicine.

Today, Indya is proud to see his people and children being treated and taken care of for free. Beyond that, through Amani’s programs, children are also able to go to school and be educated free of cost. As health and education come first, the possibilities see no end for Indya’s community. 

With a reduced rate of diseases and illnesses and the hope of how education can positively change the lives of children, the community is back on its feet with decreasing mortality rates. Soon, Indya hopes to see population numbers rise and multiply as he leads his people to live healthy lives.

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