Imara Lulizene

Imara feels empowered as a CHW to heal beyond the bounds of her own home.
11 Jan 2022

24-year-old Imara Lulizene, an Amani community health worker, has found purpose in treating infants, malnourished children, and pregnant women for free. In the Kiumba community of the Mugazo village, she fulfills her duty with Amani to cure the sick while contributing to the rise of a healthy population. This includes reducing the rates of infantile mortality in the village that she serves. She hopes to further her knowledge and apply her experience in the years to come.

Imara, as a dedicated Amani community health worker, is able to move beyond a hospital and visits the sick in their home. Today, she believes she is empowered by the role she plays within and outside the bounds of her own home. For the community, she is able to keep people from falling ill and dying due to the lack of accessible healthcare. At home, she is able to provide a stable income while being a doting wife and mother to her children.

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