Shukuru Balibonera

Shukuru is proud to have built a hospital “where all care is free”.
11 Jan 2022

Mrs. Shukuru Balibonera has much to share about her Amani experience in the South Idjwi community of the Ntambuka chiefdom in Tshegera village. Having been a community health worker for three years (and running), she has seen the days of high infant and maternal mortality rates. At the same time, her village faced severe malnutrition cases. Thankfully, with the guidance and support of Amani, the number of health cases has dropped dramatically through the intervention of free quality healthcare provided by Amani.

Now, Shukura does more than treat children from 0 to 5 years old or assist women in giving birth safely. As an Amani community health worker, she has also helped children and families by educating them on the importance of health and the awareness of accessible healthcare. The opportunity to help her people has positively impacted her own life as she earns a stable salary that guarantees food on the table and the schooling of her children, resulting in the possibility of a brighter future for her entire family.

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