Utile Dorcas

Utile believes in the power of taking care of one another by giving her 100% to communities.
11 Jan 2022

As an Amani assistant provincial coordinator of South Kivu, Utile has witnessed children fight for survival as they battled malnutrition, pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhea, among other sicknesses. She recounts the many times she has seen pregnant women die from childbirth because they lacked proper care as well as knowledge of better health. Thankfully, through Amani, she had also seen the communities rise up from struggles and hardships through the help of accessible and free healthcare.

Today, Utile Dorcas, a 25-year-old team member of the Amani administrative team, believes in the power of taking care of one another. Since the time she has taken on her role, she has seen Amani contribute “100%” healthcare to communities. At the same time, she gained the opportunity to meet her needs, maintain a healthy home with her husband, and gain respect from her people. Along with other community members, Utile is freed from the shackles of unemployment and poverty by taking a dignified job with a purpose.

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